How Low-Income Families Can Get a Free iPad in 2023

Are you looking for a free iPad? In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected and informed has become more important than ever.

Imagine your children being able to access online classes, complete assignments, and staying in touch with classmates and professors all from one device.

Fortunately, iPads are the perfect tool for this offering internet access and a wide range of apps to keep you entertained and informed.

However, what if you can’t afford one?

Don’t worry! Local governments, nonprofits, and other organizations offer free iPads to low-income families.

In this article we’ll discuss various programs that offer free iPad to low income families including:

  • Medicaid
  • Through donation
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Through Giveaways and Contests

Although eligibility requirements may vary, with some research, you could be on your way to owning a brand-new iPad for free.

If you want to learn more about how to get a free iPad, keep reading this blog. Or, you can learn how to get a free tablet from the government in 2023.

We will discuss the different programs that offer free iPads to low-income families and the eligibility requirements for these programs.

How to get a free iPad from Apple?

How Low-Income Families Can Get a Free iPad

iPad is one of the most popular electronic device on the market, and for good reason. It’s powerful, versatile, and easy to use.

If you’re looking for a way to get a free iPad, I encourage you to check out the options listed below.

With a little effort and creativity, and by thinking outside the box, you may be able to get your hands on a free iPad. You never know where you might find one!

Let’s look at the facts and see low-income families can really get a free iPad from Apple.

Apple’s Education Discount Program

Apple offers discounts to new college students and their parents, as well as to college faculty, staff, and home school teachers of all grades.

Additionally, Apple runs a program called Bring On College, where they provide discounts on Macs or iPads.

Furthermore, they offer gift cards worth up to $150 and a 20% discount on Apple Care and more.

Lastly, Apple provides a 10% discount to current and veteran members of the US Military, National Guard, and Reserve. Immediate family members who live in the same household are also eligible for this discount.

Occasionally, Apple runs special promotions offering free or discounted tablets.

Every year, Apple runs a student promotion with qualifying purchases from the Apple Education Store.

In the northern hemisphere, it’s between June and October; in the southern hemisphere, it’s between January and March.

So, you can visit the Apple education website during the mentioned month to take advantage of the free iPad offer through the Apple education discount program.

Apple’s student promotion offers great deals for registered students. For example, buying a Mac or iPad can get a free pair of AirPods or a discount on AirPods Pro.

In current year 2023 you can also avail Apple gift cards with varying values depending on the device purchased.

Note: Although these promotions offer significant savings, it’s important to remember that they’re not entirely “free.” There’s still an upfront cost for the device itself.

Apple’s Education Discount Program for Students

How Low-Income Families Can Get a Free iPad

As a parent, it’s amazing to consider the best you can provide for your children.

If you’re thinking about getting an iPad for your kids or children but are on a tight budget and looking for an affordable or free option to support their studies. you can check with their school to see if they participate in Apple’s Education Discount Program.

Many K-12 schools and universities offer low-cost i Pads which are free for students, especially those from low-income families or backgrounds.

The iPads usually come with educational apps and pre-installed tools. In addition, some schools offer iPads as long-term loans, while others provide them as a gift to keep.

Apple’s Education Discount Program for Teachers

Teachers can also take advantage of education discounts and promotions to get a free or discounted iPad for use in the classroom.

Apple frequently offers special deals for teachers, especially around back-to-school season.

The iPads for teachers usually come with helpful productivity and education apps to help enhance lessons and engage students.

While Apple isn’t giving away free iPads to anyone, its Education Discount Program makes the devices accessible for students, teachers, and schools.

The program’s goal is to empower learning, creativity and discovery. So if you fall into one of those categories, it’s worth looking into the discounts and promotions available to you.

With some research, you might land yourself a free iPad!

What are the steps to get an Apple Education Discount?

Want to save money on Apple products for your education? You’re in luck! Apple offers an Education Discount to eligible students and educators.

But how do you get it? Let’s take a look at the steps to get an Apple Education Discount.”

  • Thirdly, enter your school information.
  • Then, click on the “Verify” button.
  • After verifying your eligibility, you can view all products eligible for the Education Discount.
  • After that, place the desired products in your cart
  • Next, select the ‘Checkout’ button.
  • Next, provide your shipping and billing details.
  • Select the “Education Discount” option.
  • Lastly, select the ‘Place Order’ button.

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with your order information.

How to get a free iPad Pro for Students?

As a student, you may have thought about owning an iPad Pro to help with your studies and make learning more interesting.

With this incredible technology, you can make complex topics like formulas or science easier to understand and excel in your class.

Let’s discover how to turn your dream of owning this amazing technology into a reality.

You must first enroll in an accredited degree or diploma program to be eligible for a free iPad as a low-income student.

Your school may have specific criteria that you need to meet, such as maintaining a certain GPA or taking certain classes.

Therefore, you must check their requirements with your school’s financial aid office.

In addition to being an active student, you may also need to demonstrate financial need.

You can fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to determine your eligibility for a free iPad as a low-income student.

Once your eligibility has been determined, you may need to provide additional documentation, such as transcripts or proof of enrollment.

After submitting all necessary documents, you can purchase your iPad at no cost from your school’s bookstore.

How to Get Free iPad for College Students?

How Low-Income Families Can Get a Free iPad

Are you a college student dreaming of a brand new iPad Pro to help with your studies and make completing your college projects with ease, but you don’t want to spend your savings? You might be in luck!

There are ways for college students to get their hands on a free iPad Pro.

Let’s explore how to make that dream of owning this incredible technology a reality.

From nonprofit organizations to government iPad-free programs, we’ve got you covered. So, keep reading to learn more.

With an iPad, you can easily stay on top of your coursework. You can access your course materials and textbooks, stay organized with assignments, and keep in touch with your professors and classmates effortlessly.

Free iPads through Government Programs:

To get a free iPad from Apple, you must first ensure you meet their eligibility criteria.

Apple offers free iPads and other products through specific assistance programs for low-income individuals and families, students, schools, and nonprofits.

The main programs are for U.S. residents who participate in government assistance programs like:

  • Medicaid

If you participate in any of these programs, you’re likely eligible to get a free iPad through Apple. However, you must provide proof of participation in one of these programs.

Free iPad from your University:

Many universities allow students to obtain iPads at no cost or at a reduced price.

To learn more about the specific program offered by your institution, you can contact the financial aid office. Therefore, getting the IT department or the financial assistance office is advisable.

Additionally, certain schools participate in the Apple Student Discount Program, which offers exclusive discounts on Apple products.

Free iPad from Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations often provide accessible technology, such as laptops and tablets, to those in need.

To qualify for assistance, you may need to provide proof of income. If you meet their requirements, they can provide you with an iPad or another device at no cost.

To find nonprofits offering these services, search online or ask your local representative for recommendations.

Free iPad donation for low-income families

Another way to get a free iPad is through donations from individuals or businesses in your community.

Many people and organizations donate technology to help those who cannot afford it.

You can look for donation sites like DonorsChoose or GoFundMe fundraisers, where people request tablet donations for those in need.

Another option is to reach out to individuals or businesses in your community and ask if they would be willing to donate an iPad or other tablet device for you to use at no cost.

Free iPads through Giveaways and Contests

Many companies and organizations run iPad giveaways and contests, especially during holidays.

You can search online for “iPad giveaway” and find many active contests to enter. Ensure a reputable company and the contest’s rules are clearly stated.

Often, you have to provide your email address or share about the giveaway on social media to enter.

While the odds of winning are low due to high participation, it only takes a few minutes, and you have nothing to lose.

Refurbished iPads

One way to acquire an iPad without paying the total price is to consider purchasing a refurbished model.

These devices have been previously used but have been restored to like-new condition and come with warranties from the seller.

In addition, retailers like Apple, Best Buy, and Amazon offer refurbished iPads at lower prices than new ones, making it a cost-effective option for those who want a tablet without buying a brand-new one directly from Apple.


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a free iPad for College, many options are available.

From government programs and nonprofit organizations to donations from individuals and businesses in your community, there are plenty of resources to help you get a free iPad.

With this powerful tool, you can easily stay on top of your coursework and connect with the world around you.

Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your college experience with a free iPad. Start exploring your options and take advantage of the resources available today! For information on similar topics please visit

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Does the government give free iPads?

Suppose you or someone in your household participates in a government assistance program. In that case, you may be eligible to receive a free tablet from the government.

How many iPads are eligible under the education discount?

Under the Apple Education Discount Program, you can purchase one desktop Mac and one laptop Mac per year. Additionally, you can buy up to two iPads per year.

Is Apple giving free AirPods again 2023?

In 2023, the Back to School promotion has returned to its usual offer of a free pair of AirPods for students in the southern hemisphere.