How Chime Mobile Check Deposit Works?

Are you tired of visiting the bank again and again in order to deposit your checks?

Not any more. This article will help you know how you can deposit your checks easily without even going to the bank. 

To know, read the full article and understand how you can deposit checks, what is mobile check deposit and much more. 

Mobile check deposit saves your time as it deposits your checks remotely, regardless your location or time. 

Instead of visiting to the bank, you can directly take a snapshot of both front and back of the check with your mobile and deposit it simply by using mobile app. This will save your time. 

You people can add checks to your account from home or work, or from anywhere, instead of depositing a check at the ATM or a drive-through window. 

Types of checks you can add to your account are – 

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Personal checks
  • Business checks
  • Government issued checks – stimulus checks and tax refunds 

How does Chime mobile check deposit work ?

how does mobile check deposit work
Mobile Check Deposit

Users can use Mobile Check Deposit based on the history of branded accounts like Chime, your direct deposit history along with amounts, as well as other risk-based factors. 

For instance, you can use Mobile Check Deposit if you’ve acquired a direct deposit of minimum $1 from –

  • Government benefits 
  • An employer or payroll provider 
  • A gig economy payer

You people should receive government benefit deposits and an employer or payroll provider as automated clearing house ( ACH ) transfers. Further, gig economy payer can be received as ACH transfers or OCT – Original Credit Transactions. 

Mobile check deposit will be automatically enabled in your app after you receive your qualifying deposit. 

Apart from all this, other risk-based factors may also grant you access. 

How can you deposit a check with Chime? 

check deposit chime
Deposit a check with Chime

You can easily deposit your check using Chime mobile app, if you are eligible. 

You need to first open the Chime app on your phone, to deposit checks.

It’s not possible for you to deposit checks using the Chime website. Moreover, you people need to have direct deposits set up on your account. It will help you unlatch the mobile check deposit feature. 

Below mentioned are some steps by which you can deposit your check-

  • First open your Chime app
  • Tap ‘Move Money’ , on the Home Screen 
  • Next, click ‘Mobile check deposit
  • Choose the type of check you wish to deposit – Payroll Provider, U.S. Treasury or any other
  • Select the account to deposit the check – checking or savings
  • Next, enter the check amount
  • Don’t forget to click a photo of both sides of the check
  • At last, check all the deposit details after capturing your check images on your device

Make sure you verify the check is signed, you have selected the right account, as well as the amount is entered correctly. Further, wait till the check gets clear before spending any money in your bank account.

Does Chime deposit check instantly? 

Undoubtedly, it won’t take too long for Chime to deposit checks into your account. Also, for your information, it won’t happen instantly. 

Chime will deposit most of your checks into your account between 3 to 5 days business days. If in case it doesn’t happen or your check does not deposit within this time frame, you may contact Chime support. 

What is Chime mobile check deposit time? 

A deposited check will generally clear within 2-5 business days. However, it can take the bank longer to deliver the funds, which can take up to 5 business days. 

Not only this, check deposit time will also be dependent on the relationship with your bank. Again, if in case it takes a longer time to clear the check, you may call the support for help. 

How soon my funds will be available after I deposit my chime mobile check?

It’s important for you to know that whenever you deposit a check to your bank account, funds aren’t normally accessible right away. Usually, banks have funds availability policies that decide how long it takes for a check to get cleared.

Keep in mind, check deposits made by 5:00pm EST ( on a business day ), will be accessible on that particular day. 

If in case they are deposited after 5:00pm, they will then available on the next day. 

Note: Funds deposited from a mobile check deposit may be available instantly the next day, however, it depends on the bank. 

What is my Chime mobile check deposit limit? 

If we talk about Chime mobile check deposit limit, you people can make up to 3 mobile deposits with chime in every 24 hours. 

Further, the chime mobile deposit limit is $10,000 per month

If in case you reach your monthly or daily limit, it’s necessary for you to visit any authorized retail locations to make deposits. 

Some of the authorized retailers include- Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, Family Dollar , etc. 

You can deposit up to $2000 per check. Further, you can deposit 10 checks in a month, with a total monthly limit I.e., $10,000. You can do this after your spending account gets open for at least 30 days. 

Why is my Chime mobile check deposit not working? 

why is chime mobile check deposit not working
Chime Mobile Check Not Working

Most of the banking apps permit you to deposit a check easily, however sometimes you may come across your mobile check deposit not working. 

There are several reasons found why your mobile check deposit not working- 

  • Deposit Limit

Some of the banks permit you to set a limit on how much you can actually deposit in your bank account. So in case if a particular check is higher than that limit, it won’t run through. 

The simplest way to solve this problem is to call your bank to increase your limit. That’s all ! 

  • Didn’t validate the check 

Other reason why your mobile check deposit isn’t working can be, when you forgot to give a signature in the back of your check. Make sure to always endorse your check, before taking a picture. 

  • Banking app isn’t working 

Sometimes there can be a case where it’s the bank, not you. If you think that the app isn’t working or it’s down, contact your bank as soon as possible to see that other customers are facing the same problem or not. 

After this, they can diligently work on the app and make it right for you. 

  • Don’t have a good internet connection 

Check your connection if your mobile check deposit isn’t working. There can be chances that your connection is poor or it’s not strong enough for a successful check deposit. However try changing your Internet connection. 

Does Chime deposit mobile check on Saturday?

It is important for you to know that Chime posts direct deposit payments to your checking account Monday to Friday. [ on weekdays ]

This means, Chime does not deposit on Saturday or Sunday. Moreover, they do not deposit on a bank holiday. Deposits only take place from Monday to Friday. [weekdays]

So, you have to hold-up till the next business day [Monday-Friday] for your check to be deposited into your account.

Wrap up ! 

We hope that you found this article helpful and most of your queries are solved. When it’s about depositing a check with Chime, it’s actually pretty easy. 

If in case, you need any help, you may contact the support for help. 

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Is there any fee for depositing checks with Chime? 

There is no fees for depositing checks with Chime. 

Do Chime deposit checks on weekends? 

No, Chime doesn’t deposit checks on weekends or any holiday. You will have to wait for the next business day for your check to get deposited. 

Can I deposit 3rd party checks ? 

Yes, you can simply deposit 3rd party checks into your Chime account. 

Does Chime deposit personal checks ? 

Yes, Chime can deposit personal checks. 

How long does Chime mobile check deposit take ? 

Maximum it will take 3-5 business days for a mobile check deposit. 

Is chime mobile check deposit instant? 

Mobile check deposits could be placed in your account as an immediate online cash checking. 
However, the maximum time for a mobile check deposit is 5 business days. ( doesn’t include federal holidays )