Chime Spot Me Helps You Save Money on Your Bills (2022 Guide)

Chime is a financial technology company intent on giving the best for its members.

It designed an overdraft substitute called Chime Spot Me, which provides fee-free overdrafts up to $200.


Chime Spot Me could be the help or an answer for you all if you usually live on an extremity of an overdraft.  

Overdraft fee is a huge problem that mainly every individual faces but, fortunately companies like Chime provide services like their ‘Spot Me’ aspect that helps to overcome this problem.  

Kindly note this guide will help you in answering the details and usage of Chime Spot Me. However if you want to skip to any part you can do that using Table Of Contents.

How to use Spot Me on Chime?  

Below given are the steps to use Spot Me on Chime – 

  • Firstly, make sure that you must have the latest version of the app. Open you chime app , go to the Settings page to see if you’re qualified for the Spot Me feature. 
how to use spot me on chime
  • Secondly, if you have agreed to all the Spot Me terms and conditions , ‘Sign up’ for Chime Spot Me.  
spot me on chime
  • Thirdly, make use of your Chime Debit Card to make a purchase that surpasses your balance but falls under your Chime Spot Me Limit. 
  • Your transaction will be ratified. Then, you will gather news that Chime covered the purchase via Spot Me, along with a negative balance on your account. 
  • At last , your negative amount will be immediately enforce to your next deposit, with no fees charged to you. 

How does Chime Spot Me work ?  

Follow the below mentioned simple pointers to know the working of Chime Spot Me:

  • Chime Spot Me will work for you only if you use Chime’s services. If in case you are using a different bank account or a different credit card, you cannot gain access to Chime. It is mandatory for you to have an access to Chime bank account as well as a Chime debit card, as Spot Me does not work with credit cards unfortunately. 
  • If you people have registered in Chime Spot Me and you make a use of your debit card to buy anything in excess of your available funds, Chime Spot Me will offset the distinction up to your Chime Spot Me limit. 
  • Further, for most individuals, limit is $20 to start out with but can be elevate up to $200. 
chime spot me limit
Chime SpotMe Limit

After all this,

You may spend like normal, in the way you do. In case  you spend more than your balance, then the Spot Me balance will cover it. Definitely, if you try to spend more than your Spot Me balance, then the purchase will probably be decline. You can pay back your Spot Me balance directly by depositing more money into your account. 

How can Chime Spot Me limit be increase?  

  • At first kindly note you can use your Chime Spot Me limit by using your Chime account just the way you generally do. After that, deposit your money, spend money, do everything that you would normally do.  
  • Eventually, your Chime Spot Me limit will increase once you start utilizing your Chime account more.
  • If in case you think that contacting Chime support and asking them to increase the limit, this won’t actually work. You have to work on it.  

Who is eligible for Chime Spot Me ?  

To sign up in the Spot Me program, it is necessary for you to meet a few requirements- 

  • Joiners should be 18 and above.
  • You must have a Chime Debit card.
  • This app can be either download through App store or Google play. 
  • You should have qualifying direct deposits of $200+ in the previous 34 days. 

Just having a Chime bank account or using Chime is not enough and will make you eligible to use their Spot Me feature.  

Like we have mentioned above, you need to have a Chime bank account and a Chime Debit card to use Spot Me.  

To be qualified for Spot Me, you must have at least one direct deposit of $200 or more into your account. 

The Spot Me limit starts at $20, however, Chime will extend your Spot Me limit eventually based on how much money is direct deposit into your account every month and your account history. 

Where does Chime Spot Me work ?  

Chime Spot Me can be used to make a purchase or transactions through a Chime Debit card. Make sure that the transaction amount should be within your Chime Spot Me Limit to be clear. 

You can use Chime Spot Me for – 

  • You can use for rides at Uber using Chime Debit Card 
  • Online purchases through Chime Debit Card 
  • You can use it at restaurants, fast food outlets including McDonalds, etc.  
  • To buy grocery 
  • At gas stations 
  • Cash withdrawals at ATM 

How you can get a cash advance from Chime at an ATM ? 

  • You people can definitely use Spot Me if you want to get a cash advance of $200 from an ATM.  
  • With the help of your Chime Visa debit card, you can easily use of cash at any ATM. There is no extra fee if you visit in any ATM that is the part of Chime ATM network. Differently, other ATMs which are out-of-network, includes fee.  
  • You may use your Chime debit card to get Spot Me cash advance from an ATM. If in case your account balance is negative or zero, you can use Spot Me and withdraw up to $200. However, if you have a positive balance in your account, you can easily withdraw the entire amount along with the amount which is available by Spot Me.  

For example- If you have some balance like 100$ then u can withdraw 100$ + 200$ of overdraft amount, if spot me is activated. There isn’t any fee to use Spot Me.  

  • If you have enough balance in your account, you can withdraw around $500 in a day through an ATM. Not only this, you can withdraw cash at a bank or credit union branch through your Chime debit card. This too includes limit of $500 per day and fee is included of $2.50.  

What do you mean by Chime Spot Me boosts ?  

If you are Chime member, you can give Spot Me boosts to anyone you feel like temporarily. It will help in increasing their limits. Sending a boost to a friend can help increasing his/her Spot Me limit by $5.  

Below mentioned are some steps which you need to follow to send a SpotMe boost to a friend/family-  

  • Open the Chime app 
  • Now, go to the friends screen and then click on ‘Spot Me Boosts’ 
  • Look for a contact and click ‘Send $5 Boost’  

It’s important for you to know that you can send and receive around 4 boosts per month. Moreover, you can only send one friend – one boost in one month.  

What can be the reason that your Chime Spot Me isn’t working ?  

The most important reason can be that you are trying to make a purchase that is beyond your Chime Spot Me limit. Obviously your transaction will be decided then.  

If in case this isn’t the reason and you think that there is some other issue that your Chime Spot Me isn’t working, you may contact the Chime support. 

They will assist you and will help solving your problem. 

Can you use Chime Spot Me on Cash App ?  

Chime overdraft feature which is known as SpotMe is an excellent way to get up to $200. Also, there is no fee. However, you people must be wondering that can you use Chime SpotMe on Cash App ?  

Answer is No.  

SpotMe is a great feature which is available with Chime and it can’t be used through the Cash App. It covers debit card purchases and cash withdrawals. It can’t be used to send funds to Cash App, Venmo or to other Chime users.  

How to get money from Chime Spot Me?  

As you people already know that Spot Me works with ATM withdrawals and cash back transactions. By this , you can easily make a cash withdraw of your balance as well as your Spot Me limit.  

Now if we talk about getting money from SpotMe, you can withdraw money from your Chime and SpotMe balance through visiting an ATM.  

Moreover, you may ask the retailer to give you a cash back while you make a purchase. 

What are the Chime Spot Me rules ?  

If you people are Chime users, it’s important for you to know that SpotMe cannot be use for direct debits including paying a bill through ACH, pay friends transfers, Chime cheque book transactions and transfers to apps such as Cash app, PayPal, etc.  

Moreover, your SpotMe maximum is arranged by computers and it can’t be amended by Chime employees.  

How to use Spot Me without the card ?  

There are various ways through which you can use a Chime Spot Me simply without card –  

  • You can use payment apps such as Venmo  

If you add your Chime debit card to Venmo, you can easily make payments at stores through Venmo, using Chime Spot Me funds.  

You need to keep in mind that Chime won’t work for any peer to peer transfers with Venmo. Chime SpotMe rules particularly does not permit it to be used for such transfers.  

To try this way, add your Chime card to Venmo as a payment method and not the bank details.  

  • You can add Chime card to a wallet like Google pay or Apple Pay  

This is most appropriate way to use Chime SpotMe.  

Now, if in case you haven’t received your card yet, you can simply add your Chime virtual card which is there inside the mobile app , either to Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet.  

After this, you can effortlessly use Spot Me at gas stations or physical stores.  

If you wish to shop at Walmart, you need to add your chime card to Walmart app because Walmart does not accept Apple Pay.  

  • You may withdraw Cash from Chime Spot Me  

You may perform a cash back transaction at any retail store via Apple Pay with chime card. You may execute a self-check out transaction at any retail store including Walgreens, Walmart, etc. Either you can use your card or by adding card to Walmart pay wallet or Apple Pay.  

How can you earn $100 Referral Bonus through Chime Bank ? ( Chime Spot Me Hack )  

As you already know that Chime is a free online bank. But, are you aware that it offers you a $100 referral bonus if you open a new Chime account? 

Chime is one the uncomplicated banks through which you can earn bonus as well.If you wish to earn $100 referral bonus, follow the below mentioned steps –  

  • You need to first open a new Chime bank account by using a referral link.  
  • Then, make a direct deposit of $200. You can deposit more than $200, it’s upto you. Deposit it within 45 days of opening your account l.  
  • After meeting the requirements, the $100 bonus posts to your Chime account between 2-3 business days. Generally you get the bonus immediately after all the requirements are fulfill.  

Why Chime is recommended for people new to earn bank account bonuses?

  • There is no minimum balance requirement as well as no monthly fee. There isn’t any maintenance fee.  
  • Some banks take time in the matters of bonus. However, Chime only takes 2-3 business days to post your bonus after meeting all the requirements. Normally, bonus is posted immediately.  
  • How it is beneficial for you? Once you open your Chime account, you get your own referral link. You can earn $100 for every person you refer to Chime. Not only you, the person you refer will also earn $100 once they do the same procedure.  

Wrap up ! 

Using Chime Spot Me is extremely beneficial for you and is easy to set up.

It doesn’t cost anything to use and can be utilised for several different purchases including the potentiality to withdraw cash.  

Chime’s Spot Me feature is free to use and it has no disadvantages.  

It’s an excellent outcome that will always protect you whenever you will be short of cash for crucial expenses.

For more help on chime kindly visit Chimehelpguide.

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FAQs : 

Does Chime Spot Me work at an ATM?

Yes, Chime Spot Me works at an ATM. You can withdraw cash or it can be used for cash-back purposes. Moreover, you may make a cash withdraw of your balance as well as your Spot Me limit.

Does Spot Me work for Uber?

Yes, Chime Spot Me can be used with Uber.

Can I overdraft Chime without Spot Me?

No, you cannot overdraft your Chime account without making a use of Chime Spot Me. Rather, if in case you have inadequate funds in your account, your transaction will be depreciated if you haven’t signed up in Chime Spot Me.

Does Chime Spot Me work for online purchases?

Yes, you can use Chime SpotMe for online purchases without any problem.

Is there any fee to use Spot Me?

There is no fee to use Chime Spot Me.

Can I use SpotMe at gas stations?

Yes, Chime SpotMe can be used at gas stations without any issue.

Does Chime SpotMe work with Apple Pay?

Yes SpotMe works with Apple Pay. There is nothing tough, simply make your purchase using Apple Pay normally, the only difference is if you don’t have sufficient funds in your Chime account, you’ll use Chime SpotMe to make the purchase.

Is it possible to get a cash back with Chime Spot Me? 

Definitely, you can get a cash back with Chime Spot Me at 40,000+ retail locations. If you use your Chime debit card and make a purchase at a supported retail location and somehow your Chime account goes negative, then you get a cash back option for an amount up to whatever is your Spot Me limit.  

How can I view or change my Spot Me limit ?  

You can easily change your limit. If you are eligible for Spot Me then –  
First, Open your Chime app 
Scroll down a little in your Home feed 
Click on ‘Settings’ 
Adjust your limits  

Can Spot Me be used with PayPal ? 

No, Spot Me money can’t be transferred through apps including Cash app, Venmo, and PayPal. 

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